Carl Jung. The Spirit in Man, Art, and Literature.

The normal man can follow the general trend without injury to himself; but the man who takes to the back streets and alleys because he cannot endure the broad highway will be the first to discover the psychic elements that are waiting to play their part in the life of the collective.
Here the artist's relative lack of adaptation turns out to his advantage; it enables him to follow his own yearnings far from the beaten path, and to discover what it is that would meet the unconscious needs of his age. Thus, just as the one-sidedness of the individual's conscious attitude is corrected by reactions from the unconscious, so art represents a process of self-regulation in the life of nations and epochs.

The artist's task is to save the soul of mankind; and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns.
If the artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.
-Terence McKenna

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